Business Bio

Mark Lengies - DSCF0014 - 250Mark Lengies, MBA, is on a mission to empower HealthPreneurs to have a bigger impact on the Physical Health of Entrepreneurs and become Financially Fit in the process.

5 - M Running - IMG_0783He specializes in Business Strategy that helps ambitious Health Coaches Attract Highly Committed Entrepreneur Clients.

Unlike the “brute force” approach many push … Mark focuses on Return On Energy … which means his business strategies get better results with less effort.

His unique approach is a combination of Strategy (doing the “right” things) and Mental Strength (getting yourself to “do” the right things) so you get bigger results.

He likes to challenge himself too, so … he ran the Toronto Marathon … swam with a barracuda in the coral reefs of Key Largo … and is currently working on a book called Do What You Fear (which is a very scary book to write) 😮

Health & Fitness Bio

Lost 44 lbs and 10% body fatMark is a health and fitness enthusiast. Never a professional, but always eager to improve, he nevertheless …

  • Lost 44 lbs and 10% body fat
    while eating gummy bears
    BEFORE: 217 lbs @ 27% body fat
    … Heaviest ever!
    Sept 2018: 173 lbs @ 17% body fat
    … Leanest ever!

    I went from feeling heavy, lethargic, and beaten by the world … to lighter, leaner, stronger and ready to take on the world.

  • Ran his 1st Half Marathon, Full Marathon & Sprint Triathlon … in the same year!
  • Ran up both the Empire State Building (New York) and CN Tower (Toronto)
  • Created the Better Butt Hike that involved hills, hills, and more hills!


Praise From Clients


“I generated 50 requests for a Discovery Session from my Signature Presentation!”

“Mark Lengies greatly helped me to create and organize my Signature Presentation and high end packages. 

After giving my new presentation “Self-Talk for Success:  3 Keys to Attracting Clients and Customers with Confidence”, 30% of the attendees requested “Discovery Sessions” and four individuals asked me to speak to their groups. 

Mark truly ‘gets what I do,” which brilliantly and accurately helps me name, conceptualize and organize how I’ll deliver great value to my clients through my Signature Program and subsequent offerings.

I’ve moved “light years” in two years due to our work together, for which I’m enormously grateful.  Just so you know.

Thank you, Mark, for your enormously helpful coaching and consulting! You give a tremendous amount of valuable input when I most need it and lead me toward discovery— all the while being encouraging and supportive, never shaming. I know that more success is just around the corner!

Nicki McClusky, Self-Talk For 6 Figure Success Specialist

Glain Roberts McCabe“Hands down the best time I spent with a business coach…ever.”

“I met Mark, and in that time he completely made me rethink the entire direction of my business. He was direct, no nonsense and cut through my own BS to challenge some of the assumptions I was holding. Hands down the best time I spent with a business coach…ever.”

Glain Roberts-McCabe, Founder & President
The Roundtable

“Mark gave me clarity in putting my high end group program together!”

sandy-tomey“When I sought Mark out, I was struggling to take my business to the next level.

 I wanted to add high-level group programs, but was not clear on all the details of how to do it!  

 Mark has such a knack for understanding exactly where I was, and gave me such clarity and hands on help in putting my group program together.  With these new offers, I feel SO good about the choices I can give my clients as well as a plan to double my income with less work and effort!

 That is what we ALL want as coaches, so thanks Mark, for helping me with clarity and great packages that will sell!”

Sandy Tomey, CPC, LMT
The Love Luminary
ICF St. Louis, Vice President and Marketing Director


Praise From Industry Experts and Organizers

Mark is one of those rare people who can make a presentation so that the information is thoughtfully organized, highly relevant to the audience, and delivered in a straightforward, digestible manner. He makes it look easy. And, on top of that, he is generous and kind. What a great combination. If you are considering having Mark be a speaker for one of your events, I recommend him highly. Within my organization, Mark consistently gets top ratings from the audience.”

Paul Plamondon, International Coach Federation – Los Angeles, Virtual Education Director

“Mark is an outstanding speaker”

ICF Michigan was delighted to have Mark Lengies present his “How To Stop Chasing Clients One at A Time” to our chapter members! Mark is an outstanding speaker and provided insight into the perspectives of coaches as we go about working to build our coaching practices. His personal experiences and learnings and the approaches he has devised to help others build their practices is truly invaluable. Thank you Mark for an outstanding presentation!”

Rebecca Kraus, 2015 President, International Coach Federation – Michigan