Every Transformation Is A Hill Climb (3 Lessons)

A few years ago, I had a funny name for a hike pop into my head … the “BETTER BUTT HIKE”!   😀


In this blog post, I want to share with you 2 things:

  • How I turned this funny idea into a powerful group transformation
  • 3 Business Building Lessons I Learned From That Experience




I have organized and lead many group hikes and most of them have been about the beautiful scenery and socializing while being active. (Lots of fun!)

But, this idea had purpose! It had a promise of a TRANSFORMATION.

What transformation? … A BETTER BUTT!  😉


Exercise: What clear transformation do YOU provide your clients?



I knew it was a great idea. It was clear. It had purpose. And it was funny! (for me)

So, I wondered …


Let’s figure this out …

Q1. WHO would want and value this? … Clearly, people who were sick and tired of being a bit too much Pillsbury Doughboy, and wanted to … get fit, and firm up their behind now! … Maybe fit nicely into those jeans or that dress, so they turn heads when they walk into the room. Sounds like a lot of people!


Exercise: WHO wants and values your transformation?



Q2. HOW would I deliver on this promise (if they did the work) and how is this different from any other hike? What’s the secret sauce?

Hills! Hills! Hills! … And up the intensity!

Hiking slowly and leisurely on flat terrain does not do much to firm up your glutes (a.k.a. gluteus maximus). Climbing hills activates the glutes and firms up your butt. Short bursts of increased intensity also does wonders!


Exercise: HOW can you deliver on your promise (if they did the work)?



Q3. WHO is mostly likely to do what it takes to get that transformation?

First, WHO NOT: Non-active people who do not hike on a regular basis, would do not yet have the foundation to handle the hills and intensity. So, non-hiking beginners are out. They must be intermediate hikers and I made this VERY clear in my event description.

Second, WHO IS IT: The people I was looking for were Highly Committed Hikers (a.k.a. “clients”) who were willing to show up and do the work. If they trusted me and worked the process, they would get the results.

So, I made the description VERY INTIMIDATING to scare away the uncommitted. But … Highly Committed People LOVE CHALLENGES and they showed up! (IMPORTANT LESSON! Hint, hint. 😉


Exercise: WHO is most likely to do what it takes to get your transformation? Who is most likely to have success?



Secretly, I wondered whether anyone would be interested in this.

So, what happened?!

… SUCCESS!!! 😀

The first time, 12 people showed up. I explained clearly what they were up against, what we would do, and threw out some warnings. Not only did they do the work, but they loved it so much, they wanted me to do it again the next week!

I lead the group weekly for the rest of the summer, and:

  • Not only did they keep showing up, the group grew to 30 people!!
  • They loved how their bodies were transforming
  • At the end of the season, I lead a subset of them to climb the CN Tower in Toronto … 1776 steps! (Similar to the Empire State Building at 1576 steps.)

Wow! That was a great group transformation!



This was such a great experience, that I wondered “How could this apply to your business and mine?”


Let’s get real here …

“Transformation” means something changes, in your life or your business, or in your client’s life. For something to change, you must change, which means you must take action.

The reality is …

  • EVERY TRANSFORMATION is a hill climb, not an elevator ride
  • YOU must climb the hill, if you want that transformation
  • With the right guidance, YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • You WILL become a BETTER YOU in the process!

Most people want the transformation, but want it to be spoon fed to them. It doesn’t work that way.

If you think of every transformation as a “doable hill climb”, you will have the right mindset to complete it and get the results. Any results.

Think of it as strength training. The more you do it, the stronger you get.

It’s just step by step. Persistence on the right steps pays off.

AND … when you get to the top, the view is incredible!! 😀


Exercise: What clear transformation do YOU provide your clients?




Information does NOT create transformation!


… NOT a series of learning modules.

The bottom of the hill is crowded with people looking for the Easy Button to ride the Elevator up to the top. That’s what sells most information.

But … information doesn’t create transformation, only action does. So people end up disappointed with lack of results and look for the next bright shiny object or info product, and the cycle repeats itself.

The Information Paradox, is that more information makes you realize there’s so much you don’t know, which gives you a feeling of uncertainty, which you try to alleviate with even more information. Next thing you know, you are stagnant in an endless ever-expanding cycle of information gathering, with nothing to show for it.

You DO need the RIGHT STRATEGY (that’s critical), but …

Transformation is NOT complex. If you know what you are doing (your mentor should), it is SIMPLE steps, REPEATED over and over again, so you move forward to the next milestone, get stronger, and make progress.

You don’t need more information. You need MORE of the RIGHT ACTION.

(The information is that which is needed to support that action step, not everything you know.)

Your coach/mentor will have curated the most effective and efficient set of action steps (STRATEGY), so you get your transformation quicker. In the end …

The truth is, the ONLY WAY to get to the top of the hill is to CLIMB IT!

You have to do the climbing. No one can do it for you. And no amount of information will allow you to skip taking action.

Take action, climb the hill, and you will get the transformation you desire!


Exercise: WHAT series of Action Steps or Milestones will lead your clients to their transformation?




Can you do it alone? Yes, but … DIY means NEVER for most people.

However …

A great coach can lead you up the hill faster, easier, with higher probability of success and less injury. He’s figured out how to do it in the most effective and efficient way. He also empowers, encourages, and enables you to do it.




  • WHAT is the TRANSFORMATION you are offering?
  • WHO VALUES it the most?
  • WHAT are the action steps or milestones that lead to that transformation?
  • WHO is most likely to do the work and get the transformation?

ACTION STEP: Email me your answers and I’ll give you some feedback.

Send them to support@discovergrowth.com



ACTION STEP: Apply for a FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me, and I’ll help you figure it out in a phone chat.



Talk to you soon!

Mark Lengies, MBA
Chief Transformation and Better Butt Officer


P.S. I specialize in MARKETING STRATEGIES that help you FILL YOUR PROGRAMS with HIGHLY COMMITTED CLIENTS … I’m NOT a fitness coach, but I do believe EVERY entrepreneur needs to make health and fitness a priority.

P.P.S. Let me help you figure this out. Apply for a free Strategy Session now. You don’t have to do this alone.