You are invited to apply for this “VIP INTENSIVE” …
Design Your Signature Presentation In A Day

… That Fills Your Signature Programs
With Highly Committed Clients

Dear Transformational Coach,

This invitation is for YOU if …

1) You’re past the beginner stage of your business, doing mid-5-figures or more, and
2) You are now ready to have a BIGGER IMPACT on the world by serving MORE of your IDEAL clients at a HIGHER LEVEL.

Do any of the following describe you?

You’re tired of being the best-kept secret. You are good at what you do, and are ready to impact more people and attract plenty of committed clients eager to work with you!

You’re sick and tired of earning less than you know you can. You’re making “some” money, but you’re stuck financially and are tired of chasing random uncommitted clients who drain you.

You’re READY to attract highly committed clients who are fun to work with, get great results, and reward you generously for it!!


Our goal for you is simple:

Design a Kick-Ass Signature Presentation
That Fills Your Signature Program
With Highly Committed Clients

So You Can Grow Your Business Quicker and
Earn More With Less Time And Effort!


Imagine what your business would be like if you could consistently fill your Signature Program with amazing clients who love you, in less time and effort!

How would that change your life? Your freedom? Your confidence? Your sleep?!  🙂

Glain Roberts McCabe“Hands down the best time I spent with a business coach…ever.”

“In my time with Mark, he completely made me rethink the entire direction of my business. He was direct, no nonsense and cut through my own BS to challenge some of the assumptions I was holding. Hands down the best time I spent with a business coach…ever.”

Glain Roberts-McCabe, Founder & President
The Roundtable


When was the last time you invested in yourself,
getting real strategic guidance from
a expert?

In this VIP INTENSIVE, you can achieve more progress toward your business goals with my help, than you can in 3-6 months spinning your wheels by yourself.

Private & Small Group VIP Mentoring is designed for growth-oriented Transformational Coaches (coaches, consultants, trainers) who want results quickly and don’t want to wait for them to happen.

You’ll receive my highest level of personal attention, creativity, support and accountability.



I’m sure by now you are tired of the path you’re on and are ready for a BIG CHANGE in where you are going.

That’s what the VIP INTENSIVE is for … to give you a NEW STRATEGY, a NEW MINDSET, and a NEW PATH NOW, rather than the drip-drip-drip approach of long term programs!

That new path is worth A LOT over time, compared to staying the same, year after year. Isn’t it time for you to have a breakthrough? Yes!


3 Key PIVOT PRINCIPLES We Will Build In,
To Put You On A Faster Growth Path:


So that you increase your IMPACT and FREEDOM too!


Each VIP INTENSIVE is CUSTOMIZED to your unique goals and situation, with the goal of Designing a Signature Presentation That Fills Your Signature Program with Highly Committed Clients.

Imagine walking away from your
VIP INTENSIVE with big leaps in:

  1. SIGNATURE PRESENTATION that fills your Signature Program
  2. SIGNATURE PROGRAM OFFER that highly committed clients love to invest in
  3. MARKETING SYSTEM that predictably attracts clients with confidence
  4. MONEY MAKING MINDSET shifts that catapults you forward into a better you
  5. BUSINESS DESIGN that creates the FREEDOM you crave and a clear 12 Month STRATEGY to double your business


“Mark gave me clarity in putting my high end group program together!”

sandy-tomey“When I sought Mark out, I was struggling to take my business to the next level.

 I wanted to add high-level group programs, but was not clear on all the details of how to do it!  

 Mark has such a knack for understanding exactly where I was, and gave me such clarity and hands on help in putting my group program together.  With these new offers, I feel SO good about the choices I can give my clients as well as a plan to double my income with less work and effort!

 That is what we ALL want as coaches, so thanks Mark, for helping me with clarity and great packages that will sell!”

Sandy Tomey, CPC, LMT
The Love Luminary,
ICF St. Louis, Vice President and Marketing Director

Let’s See If We’re A Fit …


Apply Now!(Due to the limited # of spots,
only qualified applicants will be invited to schedule time with Mark)

RESULTS That Are Possible
When You Show Up Fully

Here are a few results that are possible:

  • You’ll have more confidence in how you fit in the world and why people would work with you
  • You’ll get known as a highly paid expert for your specialty
  • You’ll have an easier time attracting High End Clients who are fun to work with
  • You’ll be more confident in being able to great results for your clients
  • You’ll be appreciated and rewarded generously, both emotionally and financially
  • Clients invest at higher levels than ever, giving you more income with less effort
  • You’ll have a much easier time designing packages that clients really want
  • Your marketing will be so much simpler and easier
  • Clients will call you, instead of you having to chase them
  • You’ll have a doable step by step plan that gets you results
  • You’ll get clear on what to do now and for years to come
  • You’ll gain a new sense of confidence, freedom, and hope
  • You earn more with less time and effort, and love doing it.

I will guide and mentor you, and provide both accountability and support, so you get the results you want!


“I generated 50 Discovery Sessions with my Signature Presentation!”

“Mark Lengies greatly helped me to create and organize my Signature Presentation and high end packages. 

After giving my new presentation “Self-Talk for Success:  3 Keys to Attracting Clients and Customers with Confidence”, 30% of the attendees requested “Discovery Sessions” and four individuals asked me to speak to their groups. 

Mark truly ‘gets what I do,” which brilliantly and accurately helps me name, conceptualize and organize how I’ll deliver great value to my clients through my Signature Program and subsequent offerings.

I’ve moved “light years” in two years due to our work together, for which I’m enormously grateful.  Just so you know.

Thank you, Mark, for your enormously helpful coaching and consulting! You give a tremendous amount of valuable input when I most need it and lead me toward discovery— all the while being encouraging and supportive, never shaming. I know that more success is just around the corner!

Nicki McClusky, Self-Talk For Success Specialist

Let’s See If We’re A Fit …


Apply Now!(Due to the limited # of spots,
only qualified applicants will be invited to schedule time with Mark)

3 Participation Levels To Choose From

1. Private In-Person   (VIP DAY)
2. Private Virtual   (4 Week Intensive)
3. Small Group Virtual   (6 Week Intensive)



This is a 6 week Intensive
for up to 15 people.



We’ll work together privately over 4 weeks VIA SKYPE/PHONE, so you can focus on getting results, without having to travel!

LIMITED: Only 2 spots per month


May – September

October – April


– We’ll work together privately IN PERSON
–  A limo will pick you up at the airport to bring you to your hotel
–  We’ll spend the day together, face to face, working on your business at an elegant downtown hotel near the water
–  We’ll have a luxurious lunch together
–  A professional photographer will take pictures of you in that luxury environment (for your marketing)
– An assistant will be available if we need anything while we work

– I’m only doing 6 of these this year
– Dec and July are excluded.


“ I have booked 4 speaking engagements and have leads for several more.” 

“Mark is incredibly talented at helping clients focus on their goals. Before meeting with Mark I was spinning my wheels, unsure of which direction to go. I was amazed at how he guided me to determine my perfect niche market in such a short time. Mark partners with his clients in a supportive environment to create a successful business plan. As a result, I have booked 4 speaking engagements and have leads for several more. If you are an entrepreneur who would like to live your vision, Mark can get you there!”

Dr. Marla Friedman, Think Forward Coaching, Inc. – Palm Beach, FL

Are You A Good Fit For A Mentoring Intensive?

I’ve designed this experience for you if you know you’re meant to play bigger.

This program IS for you if:

  • You’re sick and tired of waiting, delaying and spinning your wheels, and
    are ready to play full out to create what you want in your life.
  • Your business is generating at least “some” income and you’re ready for much more.
  • You are great at execution, if only you knew what to do!
  • You’re decisive, have a history of taking action
    and above all … take 100% responsibility for your results!


It’s also important to know that …

This program is NOT appropriate for you if:

  • You’re brand new in business and have yet to get your first client
  • You are financially stressed and need income right away.


It takes time and effort to make big transformations and get results. You need to be prepared for that reality. But, together, it’ll be easier and faster!

The perfect candidate is the growth-oriented entrepreneur who knows the value of investing in yourself and is ready for your next level of being and business.


How To Be Considered For This
Mentoring Intensive Program

Not everyone is ready yet. That’s totally ok.

You have to be ready to make the commitment and do the work … But, it’s totally worth it!

When you take that step, make the commitment, and do the work, you get results that are amazing! You will be propelled to the next level of your business and life, and grow into the person you really want to be!

It’s normal for you to feel nervous or discomfort about taking that step. That’s usually a sign that it’s the right thing for you to do.

If you WANT to go somewhere you’ve never gone before, create something for yourself that you’ve never created before, and shift up a level or two, that’s what this is for!

… Let’s talk!

Your Next Breakthrough Begins Now!

If you have any questions, EMAIL

Talk to you soon!

Mark Lengies


Let’s See If We’re A Fit …


Apply Now!(Due to the limited # of spots,
only qualified applicants will be invited to schedule time with Mark)



Mark is one of those rare people who can make a presentation so that the information is thoughtfully organized, highly relevant to the audience, and delivered in a straightforward, digestible manner. He makes it look easy. And, on top of that, he is generous and kind. What a great combination. If you are considering having Mark be a speaker for one of your events, I recommend him highly. Within my organization, Mark consistently gets top ratings from the audience.”

Paul Plamondon, ICF LA Virtual Education Director – Los Angeles, CA

“Mark challenged my own limiting beliefs about what could be possible.”

“Prior to taking Mark’s business strategy session, I approached my coaching practice from a place of skill development versus business development.  I believed that if I increased my coaching aptitude and coaching network, I would automatically generate more clients.  I spent more time with other coaches than with potential clients.  After taking Mark’s session, I realized that I had to approach my coaching practice like a business, which required me to think and act very differently.  Mark really helped me clarify my niche market and develop strategies to specifically target that market.  By focusing exclusively on this, I have no doubt that I will be able to reach the clients to which I can offer the most.  Throughout the session, Mark took the time to understand my interests and goals and asked questions along the way to make sure we were on the right track.  Additionally and most importantly, Mark provided invaluable insight to challenge my own limiting beliefs about what could be possible.  Mark was the “shot in the arm” I needed!  

Reyna M. Fernandez, HR Consultant and Executive Coach, California

“Mark is an outstanding speaker” 

ICF Michigan was delighted to have Mark Lengies present his “How To Stop Chasing Clients One at A Time” to our chapter members! Mark is an outstanding speaker and provided insight into the perspectives of coaches as we go about working to build our coaching practices. His personal experiences and learnings and the approaches he has devised to help others build their practices is truly invaluable. Thank you Mark for an outstanding presentation!”

Rebecca Kraus, 2015 President, International Coach Federation Michigan

“I was very frustrated … UNTIL I started working with Mark.”

“When I decided to start my coaching practice, I wanted to work with many individuals. I ended up being very frustrated until I started working with Mark. The questions he asked helped me get concrete about the issues that I felt most passionate about and with what particular individual I wanted to focus on. Additionally, as a result of the actions I took from my conversations with him I have learned how to speak in concrete terms to my ideal client about the benefits of working with me and to broaden the packages I offer to address the needs of my niche.”

Librada Estrada, MPH, CHES, CPCC, ACC, Coach and Facilitator

“Simple yet very powerful techniques” 

“Mark lengies’ presentations offer simple yet very powerful techniques to work smarter, not harder.  He speaks confidently and in a way that is easy to understand and effective.  His suggestions are logical and will reach a larger audience, which will therefore increase business.

Gayle Suzanne ACC, Author

“Mark Lengies has a unique ability to quickly assess any company’s business opportunities and then create a prioritized strategy for converting them into a bigger revenue stream for that company. I recommend his pragmatic approach.”

Steve Montgomery, P.E., Chief Operating Officer, 2D2C, Inc.

Let’s See If We’re A Fit …


Apply Now!(Due to the limited # of spots,
only qualified applicants will be invited to schedule time with Mark)